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Sustainable Water Systems

Pitt Town Water uses the latest in recycled water technology.

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Pricing Update

Please note that prices will change from 1 July. Prices for recycled water will follow prices charged for similar services by Sydney Water. Your wastewater charge will change in line with CPI.

Prices for 2019/20 will be detailed on our Help Centre during July and you will see them applied in the bill you receive in August.

As part of our commitment to local communities, we proudly partner with local businesses to provide installation, commissioning, network maintenance and meter reading services in all communities we serve.

If you have any queries about our pricing structure you can visit www.flowsystems.com.au or contact us on 1300 803 803.


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Highest BASIX ratings

Homes connected to our recycled water system can achieve the highest BASIX ratings:


Recycled water is safe

Pitt Town Water produces the highest quality recycled water.

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Building a sustainable water community is easier than you think