Pitt Town

About us

Pitt Town Water is an Australian independent water utility licenced to provide recycled water and wastewater services to Vermont homes in Pitt Town.

Our parent company

Pitt Town Water is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flow Systems Pty Ltd.

Flow Systems designs, creates, constructs and operates private sustainable water networks in communities with a minimum of 500 homes or apartments in both high rise and land release developments.

Flow Systems’ water communities include: Central Park Plus, Shepherds Bay Plus, Discovery Point Water, Wyee Water, Pitt Town Water, Cooranbong Water, Box Hill Water and Huntlee Water. In these communities, Flow Systems wholly owns each water utility.

Flow Systems provides alternative servicing solutions to Sydney Water, Hunter Water and local council.

We strive to be more affordable and more sustainable than our competitors.

Licensed water utility

Pitt Town Water is licensed under the Water Industry Competition Act (WIC Act) to provide water and wastewater services directly to households.

WIC Act was introduced by the NSW Government to:

  • enable competition in the provision of water services
  • encourage innovation
  • deliver more recycled water projects